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Rebellion Street Soccer Jersey - Cuz Girls is Playas Too


Represent your Grand Rapids street soccer squad with this limited edition NIKE jersey worn by Cuz Girls is Playas Too in the 2024 and 2025 Bridge St. League seasons.


Part of The Soccer Rebellion's community-driven initiative, this jersey features an original design by local artist Edwin Anderson (@studiosmoov). Made from a lightweight, breathable z-cloth 100% polyester material, this jersey will keep you comfortable whether battling it out on the pitch or repping on the streets.


Player name: Cuz Girls is Playas Too

Number: Customizable (0-99)

A portion of all proceeds benefits The Soccer Rebellion's "Young Rebels" youth outreach programs, helping inspire the next generation of Bridge St. ballers. Wear it with pride and show that real soccer happens on the streets. Join the Rebellion!


All jerseys are made-to-order with a 2-4 week production schedule.

Cuz Girls is Playas Too - Rebellion Street Soccer Jersey

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